When purchasing a rank:

Purchases can take up to 20 minutes to process
Make sure you type your IGN correctly usernames are CaSe-SeNsItIvE!
If you chargeback any payments you will be banned from all Rapidz services FOREVER! You cannot buy an unban after you chargeback any payments.
Ranks are NOT transferable! They will stay with the stated IGN forever.
Any purchases made on this store are under strict non-refundable policy.
In the event of attempts to bypass our refund policy via filing a dispute with PayPal and/or your credit card company, your access to the server and possibly anything related (website, store, discord) will be revoked.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the support team by creating a support ticket on our website. 

By purchasing any package on our store you agree to our Terms Of Service and Server Rules